15ft banner unveiled at Yarm Medical Centre


Artwork depicting history of the town provides centrepiece for new development

A huge banner celebrating the history of Yarm in Cleveland is providing the centrepiece at a new medical centre in the town.

Created by Hospital Art Studio, the 1.7m by 5m artwork, which is almost two floors high, depicts the brick and rendered buildings of the town and the Town Hall with its clock tower and was inspired by the iconic rail and travel posters of the 1930s-1950s.

The display, at the new Yarm Medical Centre, was commissioned by Dr Neil Reynolds who, rather than showing the history of the medical practice, wanted to portray the beauty of the town along with a brief overview of the area in an effort to create a focal point for the building.

A spokesman at Hospital Art Studio said: “Initially we thought an up-to-date photograph of the town centre would be a perfect complement to the brief history and accompanying images, but we quickly realised that a photograph would not do justice to the town's beauty, due to all the additions of any modern street scene.

“Instead we have created an idyllic depiction of the high street - an image to give pride to local residents, but without the unsightly clutter of modern signage and vehicles that would feature in a photograph.”

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The banner was installed while finishing touches were completed on the interior of the building prior to its opening on 5 March.