Affordable pressure relief with Sidhil’s new hybrid mattress system


Company expands its range with the Acclaim Flow

Sidhil has extended its range of dynamic and static mattress systems with the launch of the all-new Acclaim Flow.

This non-powered hybrid is designed around Sidhil's intelligent Air Flow Technology, a self-regulating air displacement and intake system that uses the patient's own body mass and weight to provide the correct surface to optimise tissue viability.

The result of intensive research and development into affordable and reliable alternatives to more-costly dynamic therapy mattresses, the Acclaim Flow hybrid uses a clever combination of foam and air-filled cells to achieve effective pressure redistribution, ensuring optimum comfort for patients.

The Acclaim Flow consists of 10 robust, interconnected air-filled cells encased in a foam shell and topped with a special foam layer featuring a unique castellation programme, designed using pressure mapping techniques to give optimum results. A reduced-size castellation is designed in to protect the vulnerable heel area.

Inside the air-filled cells, a special foam acts as the catalyst for the system. When the patient enters the bed or moves on the mattress, air either escapes or flows back in to the cells, facilitating the correct levels of pressure redistribution. This automatic adjustment based on the weight and movement of individual patients ensures optimum comfort and reduces the challenges on vulnerable tissue.

When the patient exits the bed, the foam inside the cells automatically draws air back into the system, restoring original levels of inflation without the need for pumps or manual readjustments of any kind. This automatic function reduces the demands on nursing or caring staff.

Clinical research indicates that hybrid systems are suitable for patients at high risk of developing pressure ulcers.

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