Ascom simplifies task management for quicker response


Unite AlertTrac task management application helps improve response time to important tasks

Healthcare ICT solutions provider, Ascom, has announced the launch of Unite AlertTrac, a task management application for improving response time to important tasks or events requiring immediate attention.

"Unite AlertTrac delivers an efficient and customisable communications tool to speed up communication within work teams regardless of the vertical market," said André Neu, senior vice president of platform solutions at Ascom.

"It helps to establish clear communication channels aimed at improving co-ordination, responsiveness and overall operational performance."

He added: “Unite AlertTrac provides full access to staff at all times for important activities that cannot wait.

“Placing you in full control of the communication process, it monitors the status of any task request sent.

“In a healthcare environment you may alert a rapid response team to react to an emergency patient event.

“All tasks or events can be centrally monitored on a contemporary and easy-to-use web interface.

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“Unite AlertTrac is a quick and easy way to organise, share, and manage work assignments and tasks.”