BigHand launches first iPad app to help remote workers


BigHand Go app enables faster dictation and allows the approval of documents wherever and whenever

BigHand has launched its mobile iPad application, BigHand Go, which is set to enable users to speed up the efficiency of digital dictations and allow more to be done while on the go, ultimately leveraging advanced workflow and profiling features anytime, anywhere.

BigHand Go, which is the first digital dictation application developed specifically for the iPad and is the most-advanced dictation tool on the market, is designed to increase mobility for professionals that use the BigHand system, with particular specialism in the legal and healthcare markets. The app allows users to record, track and edit dictations while synchronising their online and offline work and enabling them to view live updates, allowing total workflow visibility while on the go.

It reduces the time required to approve and sign off documents when working remotely.

Andy Fielder, technology director at BigHand, said: “With professionals increasingly working while out of the office, we developed this app to allow content created on the go to be actioned and finalised on the go.”

Additional features include the ability to attach photos and ‘advance profiling’, which enables previous entries to be selected from a drop down list for ease.

Fielder said: “This app delivers a great step forward for mobile workers, enabling them to complete far more of their tasks without having to wait. Users are able to send feedback, make edits or approve documents on the go which will mean improved efficiency and significant time savings, all with a few taps of a button.”

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BigHand Go enhances BigHand’s existing mobile solution, which enables digital dictation to be used on a variety of mobile platforms, including Blackberry, iPhone and Android. BigHand for iPhone can also be integrated with MobileIron’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform, which allows organisations that are using MobileIron to deploy, configure and secure the systems from a central location, drastically reducing maintenance overhead and the complexity of setting up users on these platforms.