Breast scanning with confidence


Thirlestaine Breast Centre heightens diagnostic confidence with four Siemens ultrasound systems

Enhanced imaging capabilities and an increase in the speed at which key procedures can be delivered to patients are two of the key benefits that a specialist clinic in Cheltenham has experienced following the addition of new ultrasound technology.

Thirlestaine Breast Centre has recently installed four ACUSON S2000 diagnostic ultrasound systems from Siemens Healthcare to assist with its ongoing goal of providing a centre of excellence for breast screening, diagnosis and care of breast cancer patients.

The centre, a joint venture between Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and medical charity, Cobalt Health, has found that the investment in the ultrasound technology has already significantly increased the speed and precision of biopsy procedures, with abnormal areas standing out more prominently from background breast tissue.

“The pace of advancements in ultrasound is incredibly rapid and as such the installation of these new systems from Siemens Healthcare enables us to take full advantage of the evolution of this technology,” said Professor Iain Lyburn, clinical director of breast screening at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

“The ACUSON S2000 enhances our diagnostic confidence by enabling us to look at the breast in greater detail following mammograms. It also allows for further assessment to clarify abnormalities with ultrasound used for biopsies, with patients lying comfortably thanks to the ergonomic design. The elastography package is very useful for evaluating lesions and the hockey stick transducer enables a more thorough assessment of the axilla for lymph nodes.”

Cheltenham-based Thirlestaine Breast Centre, which sees patients from both GP referrals and mammogram recalls, has adapted quickly to using the technology, with staff providing positive feedback regarding the system’s intuitive feel and interface. The ACUSON S2000s will also be used for wire-guided procedures for the identification of small cancer cells to assist with cancer removal, also helping to optimise the speed of this procedure.

The ACUSON S2000 delivers clear image resolution, helping fine tissue detail to be distinguished. The system, that features high-density transducers, is focused on maximum user comfort and flexibility – whether seated or standing, the natural and extended reach zones are designed for ease-of- use, with the frequently-used controls conveniently located. eSieScan workflow protocols are also incorporated to help to streamline clinical workflow.

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John Martin, regional sales manager at Siemens Healthcare, said: “The strong feedback that we have received from Thirlestaine Breast Centre regarding its positive experience to date with using this new diagnostic ultrasound technology is very encouraging. As improvements in the identification of, and treatment for, breast cancer remains of key importance, we look forward to continuing to support the Centre’s delivery of high-quality screening, diagnosis and patient care.”