Care home chooses Gainsborough baths to complement pioneering care model


Chawley Grove installs Gentona assisted baths as centrepiece of spa-style bathrooms

Oxfordshire’s Chawley Grove care home is delivering the latest in person-centred care with the installation of Gentona baths from Gainsborough Specialist Bathrooms.

Located in Cumnor Hill, the facility opened in May, supporting residents requiring residential, nursing and dementia care.

Part of a nine-strong network, Chawley Grove is the latest Hamberley development to pioneer a new approach to care.

Part of this person-centred support involves access to specialist hi-lo Gentona baths from Gainsborough, which deliver safe accessibility through advanced ergonomic and power-assisted design.

Combined with ultra-efficient operation, revolutionary BioCote antimicrobial protection, and proven performance; these bathing solutions perfectly complement the ‘homemaker’ approach to client support.

Each of the three Gentona baths is situated in a fully accessible bathroom.

Safer working height for staff is facilitated by the variable-height baths, and their powered bather transfer seats eliminate physical moving and handling, so the risk of falls is lowered.

Added to this, musculoskeletal injury is drastically reduced while dignity is improved for bathers.

Paul Hill, chief executive of Hamberley Care Homes, explains: “The feedback we receive proves our bathroom ambience and advanced Gainsborough baths deliver an impression that far surpasses facilities elsewhere.

“From personal experience of seeking a care home for a loved one, the availability of welcoming spaces and a relaxed atmosphere can never be underestimated.”

The Gentona baths are located in spa-style bathrooms which provide hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and environmental music for ultimate relaxation.

Hill said: “Gainsborough baths perfectly lend themselves to the atmosphere we focus on during bathing.

“We do not portray solutions as ‘assisted baths’, as this implies dependency. We want bathing to be enjoyable, liberating and fun.

“Operational efficiency and moving and handling best practice are still key. However, quality time in the bathroom with staffs provides a unique opportunity for interaction.

“We deflect time pressures and eliminate the cold clinical aspects of personal care with a process that is not a chore.

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“Our wider ethos is care with creativity and innovation, and our aesthetic Gentona baths enhance this approach and clearly demonstrate our values.”