Digital Noema Telehealth and Lumeon partner to optimise telemedicine pathways


Care pathway automation solution means previously-manual tasks are eliminated

Digital health company, Lumeon, and Digital Noema Telehealth (DN Telehealth), a provider of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring, have announced they are partnering to optimise care pathways for telemedicine reimbursements.

DN Telehealth maximises collaboration compatibility for its clients and their patients in real-time, extending consultations beyond a physical clinical setting to include fully-secure, web-browser-based conferencing sessions.

The solution allows clinicians, caregivers and patients to extend care co-ordination to go beyond traditional care models to optimise care and promote patient engagement of any at risk patient population, in a fully-HIPAA-compliant environment.

Lumeon’s Care Pathway Manager seamlessly integrates clinical and administrative systems and gives providers the ability to design and automate their own pathway rules, so that each patient is automatically progressed through their personal care journey based on their individual data.

“We’ve been looking for a care pathway automation partner for quite some time,” said Roque Espinal-Valdez, founder and chief executive of DN Telehealth.

“With Lumeon’s functionality to automate and orchestrate the care pathway, previously-manual tasks are eliminated and we can ensure that reimbursable elements are consistently used to deliver predictable outcomes for our customers in the managed care market.”

“Working with DN Telehealth provides us with the opportunity to address one of the fastest-growing sectors within healthcare,” said Robbie Hughes, Lumeon chief executive.

“At the same time, our platform will enable customers of DN Telehealth to automate and orchestrate their care pathways to maximise reimbursement and improve efficiency of care delivery.”

The solution is available from March.

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