Facilities managers turn to new affordable pure drinking water solutions


PHS Waterlogic expands range with tabletop versions of hot, cold, sparkling and ambient water systems

PHS Waterlogic is augmenting its range with additional product options.

The extended range has been driven by increased customer demand for its water coolers.

Responding to this demand, PHS Waterlogic has announced the introduction of new hot, cold, sparkling and ambient table top variants and new hot, cold and ambient versions of its freestanding water coolers in its Waterlogic 3 range.

Recent industry figures, showing that the UK market is expanding for the first time since 2007, indicate companies are realising the benefits that healthy hydration brings to their employees and are turning from bottled water to clean, fresh and safe mains-fed drinking water from Point of Use dispensers.

Following last year’s successful launch of the Waterlogic 3 freestanding cold, ambient and sparkling water coolers, PHS Waterlogic recognised that one size does not fit all and launched the latest options to give facilities managers a greater choice of competitively-priced pure drinking water dispensers.

PHS Waterlogic is renowned for being at the forefront in using the latest UV technology and for many years has utilised UV purification inside the cold water tank as its proven core protection against contamination. By the smart repositioning of the UV purification system to the point of dispense, it ensures perfectly purified water.

This Firewall UV technology combined with BioCote – antimicrobial technology added to the water cooler during the manufacturing process – makes the Waterlogic 3 range the best purification system available and ensures a total hygiene solution both inside and out.

The range has a capacity of up to 80 cups per hour and a wealth of features including overflow and leak detection systems, touch-sensitive buttons, automatic purification monitoring, compressors with eco-friendly gas and energy saving models equipped with sleep mode.

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The company can also supply a Totalcare service package to meet all maintenance requirements. Choose any Waterlogic water cooler and it will be delivered, installed and maintained by trained PHS Waterlogic engineers. Totalcare provides twice-yearly planned preventative servicing, including all parts and labour, plus a full call-out and repair facility, available the next working day.