Medical app is best seller


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Doctors at Evelina Children's Hospital in London have invented one of Europe's top-selling medical iPhone applications, with more than 100 downloads every week. The Paediatric Emergency Drugs app enables medical and nursing staff to quickly work out complicated drug calculations during emergencies to ensure paediatric patients receive the correct drug doses for their age and weight. Paediatric intensive care consultant, Dr Shelley Riphagen, came up with the idea with the help of Dr Andrew Durward's IT skills and the app went on sale in March this year. Dr Riphagen said: "When critically-ill children present to district general hospitals with emergencies, the right doses of drugs according to the child's age and weight need to be available immediately. The Paediatric Emergency Drugs app allows this to happen. It has made a huge difference to the care of our patients and it's really fantastic to know that it's also appreciated by medical and nursing staff in hospitals across Europe." The project was made possible through collaboration with UBQO.