NHS Commissioning Board launches hunt for health and care apps


New directory will provide patients with health and wellbeing support

The NHS Commissioning Board is looking for contributions for a new online directory of health apps.

A statement from the board says it is looking for good examples of online tools to help people improve their health and wellbeing.

The new app directory will help people find the best online tool for their condition or health need and people or organisations that are designing online tools for specific conditions or health areas are invited to submit them for consideration.

“The directory will be a trusted listing of online health and care tools, all of which will be accessible from mobile devices or PCs,” the statement says.

“The tools will help people use good information to make choices about their health and care. People will be able to input their own health details to receive personalised information through the tool and then share this with their clinicians or care staff if they choose to do so.”

The directory will cover a wide spectrum of health and care and focus on innovative ways of using digital technology to improve services and patient wellbeing.

The sort of tools that would be included are those that support care planning for people living with one or more long-term condition through which they can create online care plans, record their experiences and invite their carers to view these.

Another potential app would provide information and advice for older people, particularly if this can help reduce isolation and loneliness.

The board is also looking for apps that will give patients with specific health conditions access to others with similar problems so they can share information and experiences and provide feedback on services.

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Developers and organisations who want to get involved should email tools.feedback@nhs.net to arrange to speak to the team.