NORTH Tees and Hartlepool reduces c diff


North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust has reported a 66% reduction in C. difficile cases since establishing a rolling programme of regular and thorough maintenance, deep cleaning and decontamination of all environments and equipment. Graeme Kelly, quality and decontamination manager at the trust, explained: "In October 2009 we established a programme of regular pro-active decontamination of all wards using five Steris BioGienie hydrogen peroxide disinfectant delivery systems. This was made possible by creating a decant ward to allow for the temporary relocation of patients without the loss of any funded beds." Alongside this programme, the team has also designed a re-active service, also using the BioGienie systems, which is initiated by a ward hygienist being contacted prior to, or immediately following, the discharge or transfer of patients with C. diff. Kelly said: "We immediately noticed a significant reduction in all infections including MRSA and Norovirus and data accumulated since then has confirmed a 66.46 % reduction in C. diff. An important factor has been the appointment of dedicated ward hygienists, who work in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team. Having the support of an enthusiastic, driven and focused team, including domestics, porters, estates staff, IPCT and nursing staff has been key to these significant reductions."