New space-saving solution from Sidhil


Sidhil launches Clarus range of integrated bedside cabinets and overbed tables

With space at a premium in most hospital wards, Sidhil's innovative and practical Clarus range of integrated bedside cabinets and overbed tables proposes a new and creative solution which is in keeping with the latest thinking on measures to reduce the impact caused by patient slips, trips and falls.

These are the second-most-frequent cause of death after failure to recognise or act on deterioration, slightly exceeding other risk factors such as hospital acquired infection, pressure sores, and venous thromboembolism.

Accepted risk factors for patient slips, trips and falls, identified and reported back in the 1950s, remain largely unchanged today. Most interventions focus on assessing and treating physiological factors rather than improving facility design.

A 2015 Loughborough University report co-authored by S Hignett, L Wolf and E Taylor entitled Firefighting to innovation: using human factors & ergonomics to tackle slip, trip and fall risks in hospitals proposes using a design and systems approach to reduce risk factors, rather than purely physiological factors.

In line with this approach, Sidhil's latest range of Clarus bedside cabinets and overbed tables represent a totally-new departure from traditional design, integrating the two functions seamlessly to deliver safe and practical solutions. The unique design of the base enables the entire table mechanism to fold away alongside the cabinet when not in use, resulting in an ergonomic and streamlined design with no protrusions, saving space and reducing trip hazards for the modern healthcare environment.

Available in configurations to match individual requirements, key features of the Clarus bedside cabinets include storage space, single and double-drawer designs with optional locking facilities, a clever overturn protection system, fully-removable shelves, rounded edges and corners for easy cleaning, built-in towel support, and drinking bottle storage.

The matching tables feature a table top with integral drinking glass support which folds down to integrate with the cabinet, storing away completely when not required. Designed to minimise fluid spills, the table top has a tilt function and is height adjustable from 85cm to 110cm using a gas assisted movement.

Sidhil's Clarus bedside cabinets and tables are manufactured from POLEASY, a special polyethylene plastic with significantly-reduced surface micro-porosity,which improves resistance to staining and marking, improving cleanability for the care environment and contributing towards reductions in healthcare acquired infections.

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