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Apollo Fire Detectors upgrades its Loop Calculator software allowing access to free calculation software to assess the viability of fire detection design

Apollo Fire Detectors has upgraded its Loop Calculator software, allowing access to free calculation software to assess the viability of a proposed fire detection design.

Establishing the viability of a fire detection system is often carried out using difficult calculations and estimations which can lead to system faults and failures, usually when panels and cables are overloaded as a result of calculation errors.

The new-version Loop Calculator V2.21 assesses the design feasibility of a XP95 or Discovery fire detection system, completing calculations quickly and accurately, and is ideal for use by design engineers and panel partners.

By producing a pass/fail result, the Loop Calculator alerts the designer to potential issues within a system. The results can be used in CIE battery calculations.

Andy Haynes, senior validation and support engineer at Apollo Fire Detectors, said: “We are delighted to provide Loop Calculator software free to all of our customers via our website. The Calculator is a useful tool, providing peace of mind that a system is viable. By preventing accidental overloading, and therefore producing a more-reliable fire detection system, we hope to give fire engineers and customers even more confidence in the capabilities of all our products.”

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The Loop Calculator software for Apollo-based systems is available for use on all Windows-based computers and laptops free from the Apollo website. The upgraded version contains all of the information required and eliminates the need for extra download ‘patches’.