Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh to boost imaging capability


Hospital installs Artis zee interventional imaging system and MAGNETOM Aera MR scanner

Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, part of NHS Lothian, has ordered a ceiling-mounted Artis zee interventional imaging system and a MAGNETOM Aera MR system from Siemens Healthcare to bolster its imaging services.

The technology was procured as part of the NHS Lothian imaging equipment replacement programme, meeting the continued requirement to provide optimal diagnostic imaging to patients.

The Artis zee system was in part chosen for its syngo DynaCT application, its auto mark functionality, and the ability to turn to a previous position without requiring additional dose. Staff believe the intuitive interface will provide ease of use for a range of interventional procedures such as the insertion of lines, endovascular aneurysm repair and chemoembolisation. The ceiling-mounted aspect of the system will provide additional flexibility for clinicians, providing them with enhanced patient access.

The system will be installed with a large 56-inch full-colour screen which allows clinicians to have up to 12 pre-set screen layouts for viewing versatility and to display input from over 20 sources simultaneously. The monitor will also allow the image size to be enlarged without increasing dose, benefitting both patients and staff. Equipped with all the latest CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure) and CLEAR post-processing technology, the Artis zee achieves ideal optimisation to produce excellent diagnostic quality at an impressively low dose.

The MAGNETOM Aera, which joins the hospital’s existing MAGNETOM Avanto MR, was chosen for its excellent image quality and ease of use. The system will be used for various MR procedures including neurology, orthopaedics, angiography, cardiac, gynaecology and oncology. The Aera provides a 48-channel system and lightweight coils to give radiographers the flexibility to personalise examinations for patients based on their condition and clinical indication.

Clinton Heseltine, chief radiographer and radiology services manager, said. “The team of experienced radiographers are looking forward to the new facilities and we are dedicated to ensuring the hospital remains at the cutting edge of technology.”

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James Weir, regional sales manager at Siemens Healthcare, added: “Heightened awareness of personal health issues among patients has resulted in conditions being diagnosed earlier and as a result case loads are increasing. Siemens is committed to providing Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and a number of other sites in Scotland with the most recent technology, helping to support the efficiency and range of services.”