Royal Stoke University Hospital optimises trauma workflow management


Hospital invests in advanced interventional technology

A hospital in North Staffordshire has been able to adapt to different patient situations and offer advanced imaging techniques following its investment in interventional radiology innovation.

Royal Stoke University Hospital, part of University Hospital of the North Midlands NHS Trust, has installed both a new Artis Q zeego as well as an Artis zee multi-purpose system from Siemens Healthcare. The new technology is being used by the hospital to assist with a wide range of radiological procedures and improve patient outcomes.

“The addition of these latest systems is enabling us to address an ever-increasing trauma workflow and giving better access to patients during procedures,” said Mark Smith, superintendent radiographer in interventional and neuro radiology at Royal Stoke University Hospital.

“The systems are tremendously adaptable to different patient situations; and the advanced imaging techniques that these provide will allow us to assist more acutely-ill patients safely with a reduced dose.”

The Artis Q zeego system will be used by Royal Stoke University Hospital under full theatre conditions for EVAR and TEVAR procedures along with other interventional radiology procedures, trauma cases, biopsies and drainages. Siemens’ Artis zee portfolio of angiography systems incorporates Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure (CARE) and CLEAR image processing features to enhance image quality and reduce dose. In addition, the Artis Q zeego’s next-generation X-Ray tube and detector technology takes system performance to a new level. CLEARpulse technology enables shorter exposure times resulting in improved image quality at lower doses, especially when imaging moving objects and smaller devices.

“We anticipate that the addition of the Artis Q zeego will enable us to expand our service offering through the exploration of its syngo DynaCT options. This will assist with CT drains and biopsies and help free up our existing CT scanner,” added Mark Smith.

“Our team of radiographers have easily adapted to using the intuitive new system.”

The hospital anticipates that the Artis Q zeego and the Artis zee Multipurpose will be used to continue to enhance patient care. The positioning flexibility provided by the Artis Q zeego’s multiple-axis design makes it the optimal system for hybrid operating rooms and all procedures where coverage and advanced 3D imaging are key.

John Brady, regional sales manager at Siemens Healthcare said: “We understand from feedback that this significant new investment was made due to the flexibility, latest technology and support that Siemens Healthcare offers, as well as the combination of service and clinical applications that support our intuitive systems. The Artis Q zeego takes X-ray performance and precision to the next level, with the new powerful GIGALIX X-ray tube for high contrast resolution at any angle and any patient size while the high-dynamic range detector provides excellent image quality in advanced 3D imaging.”

The systems were both installed as part of a Siemens Managed Equipment Service partnership, where it takes care of the maintenance, provision and ongoing replacement of all imaging equipment over the lifetime of a contract.

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