Savience delivers automated check-in kiosks at Aura Healthcare


Technology cuts outpatient queues and releases time for direct patient care

Aura Healthcare has agreed a partnership with Savience for its range of clinical management systems amid a growing demand for automated self-service kiosks for patients to check in for hospital appointments.

“Despite being shown to cut queues in outpatient departments and release time for direct patient care, there is an untapped demand for this technology,” said Aura Healthcare’s chief executive, Adrian Stevens.

“Automating the patient check-in process with self-service kiosks and call-out screens creates a much better experience for patients, doctors, nurses and receptionists. Keeping people informed is shown to create a more relaxed atmosphere, allowing staff to focus on direct patient care. And the technology helps streamline processes and shapes the patient pathway, saving time and money.”

Touch screen technology is now widely accepted in GP surgeries, but remains under-used in hospital outpatient departments despite being shown to increase efficiency and deliver savings.

Self-service check in gives patients clear directions without them having to queue at desks. The equipment also helps protect patient privacy and overcome language barriers.

It has also been shown to improve attendance rates by giving people the opportunity to update their demographic details regularly and avoiding letters being sent to old addresses.

The self-service solution can be integrated with a hospital’s patient administration system so that records are updated automatically once patients check in.

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