Siemens imaging technology unveiled at Durham endovascular operating suite


University Hospital of North Durham creates region’s first endovascular operating theatre

University Hospital of North Durham, part of County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, has recently installed an Artis zeego multi-axis system from Siemens Healthcare.

The system is integral to the North East’s only endovascular hybrid theatre, allowing clinicians to treat patients with vascular problems in a minimally-invasive way to improve quality of care.

The Artis zeego allows patients with blockages in their blood vessels, wherever possible, to be treated using ‘keyhole’ techniques. This includes angioplasties and stents that may be used to clear blocked arteries. In addition, vascular patients with other diagnoses such as aneurysms and those requiring a combined surgical and endovascular procedure are benefitting from the system. The new theatre is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, improving access to endovascular services in emergency cases.

Based on robotic technology, the Artis zeego provides clinicians at North Durham with the flexibility to image through its virtually-unrestricted access and C-arm positioning. It can be controlled with far greater ease and precision than a conventional C-arm system, providing advanced cross-sectional imaging and full-body coverage. It also features a variable isocentre, which means the working height of the system can be adjusted to reduce fatigue during long procedures.

“The new hybrid theatre means we will have high-end imaging technology co-located in a ‘clean-air’ operating theatre setting. Patients should be able, wherever possible, to have their treatment completed in one episode of care,” said Philip Davey, consultant vascular and endovascular surgeon at University Hospital of North Durham.

“The whole patient journey will be more convenient and efficient, providing the patient with a better experience and the trust with a more cost-effective service.”

“University Hospital of Durham is dedicated to offering the highest quality of care and improving local patient access, outcomes and cost-efficiencies,” added Neil Lincoln, regional sales manager at Siemens Healthcare.

“By installing the Artis zeego into its hybrid theatre, the hospital is able to provide endovascular care in a seamless and non-invasive way. We are delighted to work with the hospital on this project and see the improvement in the quality of care offered to vascular patients in the region.”

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