Smaller clinics to benefit from secure cloud-based HIV care record system


Climate-HIV now available on the cloud, giving clinical teams faster access to information and reducing admin

More clinics will be able to access a specialised Electronic Care Record (ECR) system for HIV treatment after it was announced the solution is now available on the cloud.

Climate-HIV – a joint venture between Idox Health and North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust – enables hospitals to record all patient data in one place, granting the clinical team faster access to information and reducing administration time spent on writing referrals.

While previously an on-premises solution, the extension of Climate-HIV to the cloud will make it significantly easier for smaller HIV clinics to use the same HIV system as larger hospitals in a secure, affordable and hassle-free manner.

The web-based application is now accessible from any trust computer across the secure N3 network and requires no additional software or hardware.

All Climate-HIV patient data is streamed over the N3 network using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) industry standard encryption, protecting the transfer of information between the clinician and the secure Idox Health cloud.

Steve Wightman, sales and marketing director at Idox Health, said: “Having Climate-HIV available on the cloud on a cost-per-patient basis, we have now made a world-class application available to all HIV service centres, regardless of size.

“Whether you serve 50 patients, or 500, this model allows every centre to take advantage of everything Climate-HIV has to offer.”

Climate-HIV supports effective management of costly medications. By recording all patient information in one place, the workload of the clinician in generating prescriptions, the screening and processing of these items by pharmacists and the collection by patients can be managed via the same system.

This streamlined approach to HIV care allows clinics to operate more efficiently, enabling them to better monitor medication usage and allocate budget for current and future requirements.

Dr Achim Schwenk, deputy medical director, Caldicott Guardian, and HIV consultant at North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust, said: “We are very proud of Climate-HIV, the specialist clinician’s ECR.

“This new cloud-based solution will make this accessible to patients and staff in any HIV clinic in the UK who wish to sign up.”

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