Smarter Practico and Grand Promerix supplied exclusively by Bender UK


Bender UK becomes exclusive distributor of Merivaara operating tables

Merivaara of Finland has launched two new operating tables – the Smarter Practico and Grand Promerix, exclusively distributed by Bender UK in the UK and Ireland.

These new tables expand Merivaara’s operating room portfolio, complementing its Q Flow surgical light and OpenOR AV solutions.

Smarter Practico

The need for flexible mobile operating tables is increasing due to the rise in minimally-invasive keyhole surgeries.

The new versatile Smarter Practico is perfectly suited to this, as it’s designed for use in elective procedures and changing patient demographics.

The importance of table height should not be underestimated, however.

A lower table is easier for senior patients to rest upon and enhances the surgeon’s ability to work more comfortably.

The Practico height extends to 1,143 mm (45 inches), while the Practico drops to 540 mm (21.3 inches), making it one of the lowest height operating tables on the market.

Merivaara’s chief technology officer, Jyrki Nieminen, said: “Tables for day surgeries and elective procedures need to be quickly prepared for the next patient.

“The Practico is designed for quick and easy cleaning. The screws are hidden so surgical matter doesn’t accumulate on them and the base is sloped so fluids flow off.

“When we developed the bellows, we made sure that a finger could reach in to the bottom of the grooves.”

The robust table has a 400 kg (882 pounds) lifting capacity.

With its height adjustability, tilt angle, Trendelenburg angle, and angles for both the back and leg sections, the Practico is extremely adaptable.

The Grand Promerix is a heavy-duty, electro-hydraulic operating table for demanding surgeries

The Grand Promerix is a heavy-duty, electro-hydraulic operating table for demanding surgeries

Grand Promerix

The Grand Promerix is a heavy-duty, electro-hydraulic operating table for demanding surgeries.

This sturdy, versatile table is among the most technically advanced in the industry.

With a lifting capacity of 490 kg (1,080 pounds) Promerix has a modular table top and wide range of accessories for all patient sizes and procedures.

The mobile Promerix is intended for major surgeries and includes a range of options for specialised procedures, including divided leg sections, gynaecologic sections, a shoulder arthroscopy section and a variety of head rests. It is also suitable for robotic surgery and imaging.

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The tables user-friendliness has also been improved. Inward cut-outs increase foot space so the surgeon can stand closer to the patient. And a new slim base gives increased C-arm access, while new bellows, seat section and hidden castors makes it much easier to clean and sterilise.

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