Unique app tests hearing at home


Alexa app aims to detect hearing loss in older people

Amplify Hearing has launched a new hearing screener app for Amazon’s Alexa after recognising a pattern in undetected hearing loss among the over-50s.

A staggering 1 in 6 people in the UK are currently suffering from hearing loss, and this app aims to address that issue in an exciting and innovative way.

‘Hearing Screener’ is a free app that can be accessed via Amazon’s Alexa App Store and offers a free hearing health check.

The user simply asks Alexa to ‘launch hearing screener’ to start the app and they are then asked a series of questions with a variance of background noises and pitch tones to test how precise their hearing is.

And the results have an impressive rate of accuracy.

Once the test is complete, the application will give an indication of the user’s hearing and may give them the option to book an appointment with their local audiologist.

Booking an appointment through the app requires minimal time and effort from the user.

Alexa was one of the highest selling items on Amazon UK over the Christmas period last year, highlighting the potential reach of the Hearing Screener app.

The hearing assessment tool aims to draw attention to undetected hearing loss and encourage those who may be suffering to book an appointment at their local hearing care centre.

Amplify has partnered with several local opticians across the nation who offer hearing tests and solutions in-house to help try and put an end to hearing loss that often goes unnoticed.

Christina Porter, audiology partner at Amplify Hearing, said: "Early identification of changes in hearing and/or ear health can lead to improved outcomes with hearing technology further down the line.

“We can also vastly improve relationships, social inclusion, and general wellbeing when we look after our hearing properly."

She added: “A new study has concluded that people who wear a hearing aid for age-related hearing problems maintain better brain function over time than those who do not.

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“The findings provide early evidence that encouraging people to wear an effective hearing aid may help to protect their brains and reduce their risk of dementia”.